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The “Yuva Prerna Yatra” in Himalayas is an annual life-changing bus journey, which will flow with 100 highly motivated youths, selected through a rigorous application process to explore and inspire the “Agents of Change”. During the journey, participants will meet exceptional “Champions of Change”, “The Unsung Heroes”, who not only dared to dream but have translated their dreams into sustainable enterprises

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The “Yuva Prerna Yatra” takes 100 highly motivated Youths to a bus journey in Himalayas with a purpose to awaken an entrepreneurial spirit within them. During the journey, participants get an opportunity to interact and learn from exceptional “Champions of Change”, the unsung heroes, who have not only dared to dream but also realized their dreams into sustainable enterprises by utilizing the local resources and talent, thereby creating local livelihood opportunities and reducing migration in the Himalayan region ....more



Migration has become a rising concern in the Himalayan belt, with rapid urbanization, people are migrating to cities in search of employment and better living standard; leaving the vast potential of unutilized local resources and talent.With relatively lesser population density and rich natural assets, the Himalayan regions have a lot to offer to the country given the youth and the local resources are channelized in the right direction.By bringing the youth of the region in highlight ....more

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If you are 'the outcast' of society, and always think out of the box, this is meant for you.

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