1. What is Yuva Prerna Yatra?

“Yuva Prerna Yatra” is a life-changing journey conducted annually in the Himalayas. It flows with 100 highly motivated youths, selected through a rigorous application process to explore and inspire the “Agents of Change”. During the journey, participants meet exceptional “Champions of Change”, the unsung heroes, who not only dared to dream but also translated their dreams into sustainable enterprises by leveraging the local resources and bringing prosperity in the region. This Yatra will inspire youngsters to understand the value of enterprise and sustainable development and will spur them to create similar type of models in their own areas.

2. Is there any eligibility-criterion (age and qualification) and who can apply?

Anyone and everyone of age more than 20 years can apply for the Yatra. We believe in your ability and not grades and certificates.We have two categories for the participants:Champ: Youths of age 18-27 years.Facilitators: Experienced professionals with age above 27 years

3. What is the mode of travel?

Buses with comfortable seating capacity of 40 persons.

4. Where will I stay during the Yatra?

The organising team will make your stay comfortable and safe on the route and our team, volunteers and the support staff will be living with you.

5. I am a girl and wish to come for the Yatra. How safe will the Yatra be for me?

Safety and security for all participants is prime concern for us. Our team will take utmost measure for the same.

6. What happens on the way while we are travelling between the places?

This is the time when the greatest interaction and learning takes place. Participants are encouraged to engage into debates and exchange ideas. The various themes/groups into which participants are divided get together and work on their project. This is also the time to socialize and get to know each other and have fun. There will be continuous workshops, presentations during Yatra.

7. When should I reach Dehradun?

Registration and Introduction to the Yatra will take place in the afternoon (Post-lunch) . Participants are encouraged to arrive Dehradun in the morning to ensure they attend the afternoon session.

8. Will there be medical assistance available during the Yatra?

Doctors will be accompanyingus the yatra with well equipped first aid kit and emergency medicines.

9. What is the provision for meals?

Pure Vegetarian and fresh food will be served during the Yatra (Use of tobacco and Alcohol is strictly prohibited).