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Selection Procedure

Yuva Prerna Yatra welcomes you!

We are ready to embark on a journey in Uttarakhand, to those faraway places, ensconced amongst the valleys, surrounded by the tall Sal, pine and deodar trees, their fresh leaves flirting and dancing with the winds, as if celebrating the descent of the spring. Places where one can still hear the divine music made by rustling of the autumn leaves falling from the trees.

During the course of this journey, participants will get an opportunity to meet some Champions, the people who, despite all the challenges and the struggle of life have not only dared to dream but have fulfilled their dreams bringing smiles and joy into the lives of the people who live there. It will be a rare opportunity of interacting with those simple unsung harbingers of change. We are sure our champs will enjoy every moment of this journey.

Who we are looking for?

The 100 Participants (Champs and Facilitators) on the Yatra are set to represent a unique blend of quality as well as the true diversity of India. Participants, selected through the rigorous selection process, are those who are passionate to build their careers in different fields through one common medium – Entrepreneurship.


  • Passionate individual with burning desire to explore and learn
  • Determined to take the Road less travelled
  • Abilities to lead and not the educational degree
  • Age group: 20-27 years


  • Experienced professionals, entrepreneurs, academicians and intellectuals
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and exceptional work
  • Age group: 27 years and above

Why Yuva Prerna Yatra?


  • Online Mode:
    Application through YPY website
  • Offline Mode:
    Download the form in Hindi/English and forward us the completed form either though courier or via email

A detailed step-by-step process is illustrated in the picture

Yatra: Fee

Fee Structure

To organize a 1-week bus journey, visiting different role models, with supporting personnel taking care of lodging, boarding, food and other necessities, calls for significant expenditure. The Yatra fee helps us cover these expenses in part and rest are raised though corporate sponsorship. The relevant Registration fees and Yatra fees are applicable only if you’re selected .Submission of application form is free. Actual cost of the Yatra is Rs. 19000/- per person. Candidates with sound financial backgrounds are encouraged to pay the full amount.


We aim to support 50 candidates through either part or full sponsorships .Sponsorship will be provided to Indian nationals only. Foreign nationals and NRIs need to pay the full amount of Yatra. Since sponsorship opportunities are limited, it will be awarded on the basis of the financial need and merit of the applicant. Selected applicants need to fill up the additional sponsorship form, if they have opted for sponsorship. Applicants through paper mode have to submit supporting official income documents with their applications. We also encourage selected candidates to look for alternative sources of sponsorship, approaching funding sources like trusts, colleges and corporate to raise their own fees per person. Candidates with sound financial backgrounds are encouraged to pay the full amount.

Yatra Fee Structure

Registration fee Yatra fee Total fee
Self Paid 6000 INR 13000 INR 19000 INR
Partial Sponsorship 6000 INR 6500 INR 12500 INR
Full Sponsorship 6000 INR - 6000 INR
Foreign National/NRIs - - $450

Refund Policy

>> Registration fee i.e. 6,000 INR shall not be refunded to the candidate, in any case.
>> Yatra fee will be refunded only for the cancellation which shall be in writing and received through email or by post at-least 20 days before the commencement date of Yuva Prerna Yatra 2017. No query/request for refund shall be entertained after that day.
>> The candidates eligible for refund, the refund amount 13,000 INR (for self-paid candidate) or 6,500 INR (for partial sponsored candidate), whichever applicable, will be deposited in the account (bank account) details shared by them.
>> The refund amount will be deposited in the bank account of the eligible candidate, not before one month of commencement date of Yuva Prerna Yatra 2017.
>> No queries/request for refund shall be entertained after 15th March 2017.
>> No fee shall be refunded for the foreign candidates i.e. any candidate who had applied from outside the India.